Top 10 THRILLER Movies STREAMING On NETFLIX! πŸ‘€ What To Watch On Netflix

What’s up, Rad Family? Today I’m here to help you in the dreaded process of trying to find an interesting movie to watch! In this installment of WTWON we’re expanding our categories covered to focus on the many different types of the darker genres, so psychological drama, suspense, thriller. You name it, this list is going to have it on it. It’s a sample platter of tense goodies. I hope you find whatever you’re in the mood for. So let’s get to it. #10 the tortured This flick is a parent’s true nightmare. A couple is utterly destroyed when their child is kidnapped from their home and brutally killed by the hands of a psychopath.

When the monster is given a light sentence for the terrible things he did to their boy, the parents decide to give him what he truly deserves. Fueled by grief, rage, and guilt, they create an elaborate plan to exact their revenge. This killer will know what his victim felt. This movie is gruesome and emotional. With some heavy moral dilemmas coming into play, you’ll be left to witness what wanting revenge can lead someone to do. #9 13 cameras This movie is the definition of creepy. A young couple just moved into a rental home and finds their landlord is an uncomfortable person to be in the same room with. That’s putting it nicely. Shaking it off, they enjoy their new home. That is, until their relationship begins to suffer from the tension of welcoming their first child.

That seems like enough to stress out about, but then they notice somethings are off about this house and their weird landlord. What they hadn’t realize was they’ve been the stars of their own Truman Show as he’s been obsessing over their lives with the help of hidden cameras. The tension in this movie becomes palpable and leads its way to a blowout finish. I recommend this movie to anyone that prefers a more realistic scare. Especially, if you happen to be renting. #8 dark skies The story follows a family whose lives quickly take a turn for the terrible when they notice strange things begin happening around them.

As the events grow more dangerous and they speculate it must be the result of an extraterrestrial, they soon find they have no friends or family to turn to for help. Kinda understandable if you put it in perspective. If someone down the street knocked on your door and said an alien was out to get their children, would you be down to join their fight? Left with no other option, the parents take matters into their own hands to protect their family. This movie is great for someone looking for a suspenseful flick and an ending that leaves you staring blankly at the credits, trying to soak in what just happened. #7 last shift The stories centers on Jessica, who is unfortunately tasked with the last shift at a soon to be permanently closed police station as it’s outdated. Already sounds like the plot is gearing up for some truly freaky things, right? Well, it does.

And it delivers. The shift requires her to patrol the grounds throughout the night, with the order not to leave the place unattended until a hazmat crew can come and claim some biomedical evidence that’s still there. For the new cop, sounds like an easy albeit unsettling night’s work. But when she’s walking the halls alone, she quickly realizes there was more to the story than what she was told. Something sinister is lurking in the shadows and it has a deadly following.

This is that movie that will have you on edge and wanting to cover your eyes at some points. If you enjoy demonic tones and a good game of cat and mouse, you should add this to your queue. #6 the awakening Taking place in 1921 England, the country has an influx of paranormal believers after the devastation WWI caused. Florence Cathcart sets herself out on a mission to debunk these claims as hoaxes. Her past cases resulted in her being successful and her belief that the supernatural doesn’t exist is cemented in proof. But when she’s called to visit a boy’s boarding school after reports of ghostly sightings, everything she has believed in the past will be put to the ultimate test. The proof is just too much for her to deny… Prepare yourself from some truly freaky scenes that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand on end.

I highly recommend this title to anyone that loves period pieces or supernatural thrillers as this movie combines both and produces quite a nightmare. #5 dead silence If you are one of the few people that didn’t find ventriloquist dummies unsettling, this movie is about to change that for you. After his wife strangely dies in their home, Jamie goes back to their hometown to make sense of her mysterious death. Their hometown of Ravens Fair has a dark, secretive past and with each clue he unveils, it leads him closer to discovering the true terror that is Mary Shaw, a murdered ventriloquist who’s vengeful spirit has claimed more than just his wife.

This is one freaky movie. It takes several horror staples and stitches them together to create a suspenseful and creepy 90 minutes. If you enjoy urban legends or find dolls eerie, I’d give this title a try. #4 the invitation Paranoia and confusion add to the intensity of this film. After not speaking to his ex-wife in two years following the tragic death of their child, Will is shocked to be invited to a dinner party hosted at his former house with her new husband, whom she met at a grief-support group. Hesitantly accepting, the night is shrouded in an odd atmosphere, leaving Will to speculate on the true motive for the gathering. Spending the night re-living memories of his past life and searching for clues as to why they are all here, he makes a startling realization that leads to a fight for survival. This movie succeeds where a lot of other movies fail, incorporating a puzzle-like pacing. While that can be annoying in some other movies, in this one, the element of surprise that it creates, leads to a fantastic ending. #3 a hijacking This movie is incredibly tense and emotional. The writers and actors did a phenomenal job at making you feel the stress that the characters are going through.

While a Danish cargo ship is traveling in the Indian Ocean, a group of Somali pirates jump on board to capture the crew for a ransom. When their demands reach the millions, a game of back and forth between them and the company’s CEO unfolds. With money, trust, and lives on the line, which will win: humanity or greed? This is a great psychological thriller, that honestly is probably one of the best movies Netflix has to offer. So if you’re looking for any movie on Netflix, I recommend giving this a try. #2 hush Hush is incredibly original. The movie focuses on an author living alone in a secluded area. When a masked killer knocks at Maddie’s window, he goes unnoticed because she is deaf.

Relishing in her temporary obliviousness to his presence, he decides to make her his next victim. All alone, she must fight through the night to survive. But the killer makes the mistake of assuming that because she can’t hear him, she will be an easy prey. Maddie is determined to prove him wrong. This movie is a slow-builder, but honestly I think it adds an element of realism. This killer doesn’t have superhuman strength and isn’t omniscient and I appreciate a break from that horror clichΓ©. So if you’re looking for a break from the typical horror norm, I’d add this to your must watch list. #1 playback This movie will have you wanting to throw out every camera in your house. In 1994, a son sets out to murder his entire family while capturing the heinous crime on film. While attempting to kill his sister, the last survivor, he is shot by police officers before he is able to do so.

Fast forward to the present day, a class assignment has Julian and a group of friends revisiting the case. In order to accurately portray what happened that terrible night, Julian decides to watch the original tape. When he locks eyes with the killer on the screen, his the evil spirit is set free and possess Julian’s body. As the truths from the past unfold, the town is terrorized with new murders. No one is getting in the way of finishing what he started. This movie encompasses a lot of horror staples, so I think many people can enjoy it.

But if you’re really into curses and the paranormal, this is specifically right up your alley. If any of these 10 dark titles piqued your interest, make sure to give this vid a big thumbs up and hit that subscribe button. so you can refer back to this list during your next Netflix session so that you don’t spend an hour searching for something to watch. Because we’ve all been there and it can be quite the frustrating journey. Until next time, keep up the radness, and I’ll see you real soon. Bye! .

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