10 Best Netflix Original Movies

Netflix have built a reputation and a sizable Empire from online streaming content typically in the form of TV shows spanning 10 to 13 episodes long in the comedy or drama category however this is far from their only focus as this monstrous media giant wants to stop all over Hollywood and eat it for breakfast what I’m trying to say is that Netflix produce their own movies now and they’re getting pretty great at it our rules for this list are simple they have to be a Netflix original in some form or other this can extend to being produced by Netflix or distributed exclusively by them the title of Netflix original is a little wishy-washy but if they can get away with slapping it on everything so can we so without further ado these are the 10 best Netflix movies number one Roma known for technical marvels like gravity and children of men Alfonso Cuaron puts everything into what many predicted be the Oscar frontrunner for Best Picture based on his experience isn’t upbringing Roma shows life in 1970s Mexico through the eyes of a maid in service to an upper middle-class family and the turmoil that she practically an outsider sees from the inside Roma is clearly a personal project for cuarn that much is evident from the sheer attention to detail put into it production design you can see this passion on display in all facets of the movies look from his epic sprawling city street wide shots to his quiet and intimate close-ups without a doubt this is a film which deserves to win truckloads of awards in directing acting production design and cinematography where those categories get televised or not as a black and white foreign film roma has defied the trappings of a smaller Best Foreign Film category while also appealing to Academy voters with a huge Oscar campaign and theatrical release alongside online streaming for the comfort of home Varma is a film that deserves to be seen on the big screen and yet is also accessible to stream through the power of Netflix for those unable to reach her at the cinema while this is an artsy Oscar film that might be a little bit slower paced and not as accessible as a marathon of friends we cannot recommend Roma enough number two annihilation in this thinking person sci-fi Natalie Portman plays Lena a cellular biologist and former soldier tasked with taking her team of fellow female scientists to investigate the Shema a mysterious expanding bubble which infects and mutates the life inside it no one has ever returned from the shimmer until Lina’s soldier husband returns an ill amnesiac what will they find in the overgrowth and will they ever come out I am Denard about putting this film on the list not because it isn’t good it’s incredible but because it’s a film many would say should not qualify for this list it was produced by Paramount Pictures and released in theaters around the US but internationally it was distributed by Netflix as digital-only many of the other Netflix films on this list got theatrical releases everywhere but us British limeys couldn’t get the cinematic experience for what is a vibrant and haunting kaleidoscope of fantasy sci-fi fora where the Nile Asian director Alex Garland the genius behind the AI thriller ex machina traces to another terrifying concept which despite taking a while to kick off is a mind-bending trip that’s really hard to explain without spoiling completely I calls it a fantasy sci-fi horror about 20 seconds ago that’s three completely different genres of film that it’s somehow both fits and excels in I can understand why paramount thought this was too intellectual or at least a difficult film to market and sell to the public because well it is but it’s still a unique marketing tactic from Paramount who seemed to be increasingly okay with the practice after surprising everyone with the Cloverfield paradox before everyone found out it was absolute trash ex machina is a personal favorite of mine and it’s highbrow sci-fi sister annihilation somehow manages to reach its unbelievably high standard that’s why it makes this best off list even if it does so on a technicality number three acha acha is a cute korean tale about a unique hybrid pig it’s also a not-so-subtle romp through the horrifying reality of our meat industry and the capitalism behind it writer director bong joon-ho who previously gave us the host and snowpiercer initially tells a sweet story of a little girl and her animal friend that’s before the tale twists into a wacky adult thriller filled with exciting chase scenes and mad maniacal performances from the likes of Jake Gyllenhaal and Tilda Swinton some dismissed the movie as vegetarian propaganda but I would say that it transcends that label it’s more a crazy critical satire of the corporate greed behind the meat industries and their methods if anything this film had stirred up more controversy with the elitist film purists at Cannes Film Festival who will board the film when the Netflix logo popped up some argue that if a film doesn’t get a theatrical release it’s not worthy of the recognition and praise a traditional release should get and that digital streaming will be the death of the industry that’s becoming a theme in this video genre traumatic but these kinds of opinions tend to come from the people in the movie theater industry who see Netflix as a competitive threat to me Archer is worthy of heaps of praise for its ingenuity and warmth it’s a very least my favorite film involving a big rich gets lost in New York City since babe pig in the city number four The Ballad of Buster Scruggs The Ballad of Buster Scruggs a six-part anthology of tongue-in-cheek tales from the old American West is the latest effort from the Coen brothers the currents of course known for their cutting oddball wit in films such as Fargo and The Big Lebowski and it’s fair to say that it’s a prominent feature here it’s crazy seeing such high-profile directors producing Netflix films or at least what could have been six episodes of a limited TV show strung together enough to qualify for this list at least Tim Blake Nelson –hz Buster Scruggs is fantastically fun to watch in part one but it takes sideline to a fantastic cast of mostly respectable actors in every other story James Franco Tom Waits Zoe Kazan and Tyne Daly all lead their wildly different stories all designed to dip into the Coens wide mastery of mixing dark humor tragedy and absurdism while some felt the format led to some distracting tonal inconsistencies I respectfully disagree it’s a variety box of pitch-black chocolates all tied together by its well realized setting and themes of foreboding and death I just love a good Coen Brothers film and Netflix did well to snap this up number five black Meera Bandersnatch Bandersnatch is an interactive feature length film from the create of black mirror the year is 1984 and you control the major choices of Stefan a video game programmer whose ambition is to adapt and legendary choose your own adventure novel into a fully playable game but how much free will does he have will you guide him to victory or are there darker forces but hey trust Netflix to further blur the lines between TV movies and video games a this is a strange entry into the list considering how it’s not quite your typical feature like film then again the concept of big-budget films going straight to streaming services was previously thought of as mental – so it’s in pretty good company while interactive storytelling has already been done with video games and kids TV shows such as Netflix azorn Puss in Boots trapped in an epic tale this is the first seamless live-action theatrical film for adults to do it I wouldn’t say it’s a soul-crushing as some of black mirrors other entries but instead Bandersnatch has fun experimenting with its format and encourages you to dissect and repeat until you have every major ending why one path can end after 40 minutes and most viewers tend to average around 90 there is up to 150 minutes of unique footage to see overall in this wide-reaching digital labyrinth it’s super meta made for some great water cooler discussions that work afterwards and as a film experience you can get nowhere else number six the my arrow 8 stories we’ve ranked on Adam Sandler plenty of times in the past but we do so with love we know that he can achieve great things because films like punch-drunk love happy gilmore and the wedding singer exist we have him being funny on tape and by that I mean go watch our top 10 best and worst Adam Sandler videos they’re very good however we just missed out on what might be Adam Sandler’s best performance the my erowid stories stars Adam Sandler alongside Ben Stiller Emma Thompson and Dustin Hoffman and is written and directed by Noah Baumbach said stories follow a group of adult siblings of an aging artist and their unresolved daddy issues it’s as funny as it is sincere and grounded and made your typical man baby Sandler act like a real grown-up not a grownups too grown-up Baba sharp and believable dialogue brings out the best in Sandler who I’ve always believed was capable of higher brow things his usual teenage demographic would probably not enjoy this one before once this is an Adam Sandler film for adults number seven Gerald’s game Gerald’s game is a horror movie based on a Stephen King novel which let’s be honest could mean a number of things an absolute bobbins adaptation of a good novel or a bobbins botched job of a bobbins book luckily for us Gerald’s game is a quality adaptation of the 1992 novel of the same title handcuffed to a bed after some kinky fun time Jesse suddenly finds herself trapped for real after her husband Gerald dies of a heart attack in front of her bed bound in a remote cabin Jessie must try and escape before she loses her mind and her life it’s directed by burgeoning horror legend Mike Flanagan who made the popular spooky films oculus Ouija and Netflix is the haunting of Hill House besides having a fantastic concept the film makes use of Jesse’s hallucinations to deliver the kind of psychological horror that makes you never want to use handcuffs again I know there are better ways to recommend films but this is some classic Stephen King done right hell’s up incredibly by carla Gugino ‘he’s tense performance if that sounds like scary fun time to you definitely stick it on your watch list number 8 Ikaros Netflix as of writing only have two Oscars under their belts while they hope to change that this year here was their documentaries which managed to break the ice with the ever snooty Academy while Netflix won their first Academy Award with their short dock the white helmets my favorite one of theirs goes to Netflix his second Oscar win Ikaros which investigates how the Russian Olympic team managed to use steroids for so long without being caught brian Fogle goes on a journey with professional doping coach dr. Gregory rich ENCOM where he himself takes the steroids and uses the techniques the Russians use to bypass drug tests and go for gold it isn’t only a mind-blowing window into the darker side of professional sporting competitions but becomes a tense and scarily relevant thriller as dr.

Rich Anka fears heads become a liability to a corrupt and tyrannical Russia while the documentary started as a curious insight into athlete creating a high-level competition it happens upon something much bigger and much much scarier than it could have ever imagined even if you’re not into sports this documentary is essential viewing and one of Netflix’s best original offerings number 9 mud bound this drama follows two veterans who after fighting in the Second World War return to their poor and troubled home town in the rural South of America Garrett Hedlund Jamie is a white man who suffers from alcoholism and PTSD and raxil played by Jason Mitchell is a black man determined not to be brought down by the casual racism of civilian life while mary j blige missed out on winning Best Supporting Actress in 2018 her performance is one of many brilliant reasons not to skip over this gut-wrenching historical drama about race mental health and the American dream mudbud also made oscar history for its Best Cinematography nomination as its cinematographer Rachel Morrison was the first woman ever to be nominated for the award while other historical dramas highlight the issues of a different time this one does everything to make you feel the heroine consequences of every injustice it throws at you it is a relentless blunt carefully crafted tragedy which shines a light on the ugliest side of post-war America watch it now and let it drag you through the mud emotionally number 10 beasts of no nation beasts of no nation was Netflix’s bust solely produced film that they didn’t just by distribution rights to and slap Netflix original on it this was the first true Netflix original movie and one they should be proud of it stars Idris Elba and full as the story of a child named a goon from West Africa his village was taken over by rebel militia he becomes separated from his family and is then adopted by a rebel group as a child soldier a goos unknown corner of Africa is an apocalyptically violent world flooded with cholera and carnage choosing to follow an innocent child through his transformation into an enlisted soldier it is a huge credit to the child actor in the lead role Abraham utter for displaying this change so well he outperforms Idris Elba Fukunaga also served as cinematographer on this film and is clearly shown he can do it all because this film looks beer of all despite the horror of its contents while many war stories leave you with a newfound respect for your country’s veterans all make for a motivational advertisement for the US Army / American sniper beasts of no nation is a powerful and sickening trench run that does nothing to shy away from the ugliest side of conflicts an essential watch.

Which is your favorite Netflix film are there any that you think that should have made the list let us know in the comments below and thank you for watching all time movies I’ve been Georgia and we’ll see you next time.

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