You can't bury the truth

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You can't bury the truth
Calibre is a 2018 British thriller film written and directed by Matt Palmer. Two lifelong friends head up to an isolated Scottish Highlands village for a weekend hunting trip. Nothing could prepare them for what follows.
Matt Palmer
1 h 41 min
Release Date
22 June 2018
Creative England, Wellington Films, Creative Scotland
Matt Palmer
Original Music Composer
Director of Photography
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Jack Lowden, Martin McCann, Tony Curran, Ian Pirie, Cameron Jack, Cal Macaninch, George Anton, Therese Bradley, Kate Bracken, Olivia Morgan, Ben Stranahan, Rob McGillivray, Donald McLeary, Kitty Lovett, Conor McCarron
MA 15+
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An aggressive Edinburgh businessman, Marcus, takes his old boarding-school friend Vaughn, whose fiancée is newly pregnant, on a weekend hunting trip to a remote village in the Scottish Highlands. Vaughn has never been hunting before. They spend the night at a local pub, where they meet Logan, a community leader who bemoans the rural village’s economic problems; and two young women, Kara and Iona. After a night of dancing and drinking, Marcus leaves the pub with Kara, despite being warned to stay away from her. Vaughn and Iona nearly kiss but Vaughn mentions his pregnant fiancée, so they return for another drink instead.

Early the next morning, Marcus rouses a hungover Vaughn for their first hunting excursion. On the drive to a nearby reserve, Vaughn deduces Marcus has used cocaine and chastises him. Vaughn realises he’s forgotten the ammunition for the rifle he was to use, so Marcus lets him borrow one of his, despite this technically violating the UK’s strict firearm registration laws. Vaughn lines up a shot on the head of a doe, but the doe turns away, causing Vaughn to shoot and kill a young boy, unseen behind the deer. The boy’s father arrives and turns a gun on Vaughn in retaliation, but Marcus shoots him from a distance. Vaughn wants to report the accident to the police but Marcus convinces him they will be arrested as murderers. Marcus hides the bodies and the two drive north, hoping to give the impression that they were not in the area of the accident. Marcus is told by a petrol station owner that Logan said no other hunters are out at all in the entire area, and convinces a traumatised Vaughn the only way to protect themselves is to return after nightfall and bury the bodies.

The two return to town and are invited to dinner by Logan and his brother Al; Logan asks if Marcus can put him in touch with investors who might help revitalise the struggling community. At night they return to the scene to bury the bodies. Marcus recovers the bullets, using a hunting knife to dig Vaughn’s bullet out of the boy’s skull, over Vaughn’s strong objections. They return just before dawn but they are spotted from the window by the B&B owner’s young son.

The next day, their plan to leave town is thwarted when Brian, another of Logan’s brothers, slashes the tyres on Marcus’s jeep and attacks him for sleeping with Kara and giving her cocaine. The jeep is towed to a garage, where the mechanic tells Marcus the repairs will not be completed until the next day. They return to the pub to hire a taxi, but find the prospective driver drunk. On Logan’s orders, Brian offers an aggressive and insincere apology to the two for his prior behaviour, while bitterly complaining that the highlanders are beholden to “city twats” because they might bring money into the village. While Marcus is in the toilet, Vaughn speaks to Al and Iona and realises the dead man and boy were Logan’s nephew and brother-in-law. Al’s suspicions are raised when Marcus, upon returning from the toilet, asks about “them” despite having only heard that one person, Logan’s nephew, was missing.

Logan asks the two to join a search party to find his nephew and brother-in-law, which they feel compelled to accept for fear of arousing suspicion. A dog quickly leads the party right to the bodies. While the rest of the group digs up the fresh grave, Marcus and Vaughn make a run for it, but the fuel tank of the jeep is ruptured by a bullet from Brian. They flee on foot; Vaughn stumbles and is attacked by the dog, which Marcus stabs to death. As the rest of the group closes in, Marcus leaves the injured Vaughn. Brian savagely beats Vaughn before being pulled off by Logan; the rest of the group continue to pursue Marcus.

Logan and Brian take Vaughn to a local farm, where Vaughn tells them the whole story. Brian wants to kill both Vaughn and Marcus; but Logan, realising their deaths would not go unpunished, insists on turning them over to the police instead. Brian flatly rejects this, claiming there isn’t sufficient evidence to convict them and Vaughn will just change his story to save himself. Just as Brian moves to finish Vaughn off, word reaches them that the group has caught Marcus. Vaughn is locked in a barn under armed guard.

The next morning, Logan gives Vaughn an ultimatum: he must kill Marcus, or Brian will kill them both. Vaughn desperately refuses to shoot his friend, even after being reminded of his fiancée and unborn child, and repeatedly breaks down in tears. However, at gunpoint, he eventually shoots Marcus dead. The locals hide Marcus’s jeep and, before Vaughn’s fiancée arrives, Logan instructs Vaughn to tell the police that Marcus left him and drove north.

Months later, a visibly shaken Vaughn wakes up in the middle of the night to tend to his newborn child. He cradles his child, but stares ahead with a haunted look.

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